му тєєη αηgѕт вυℓℓѕнιт
нαѕ α вσ∂у ¢συηт

they were just seventeen, they still had room to grow, they could have turned out good, and now we'll never know...     
{indie Veronica Sawyer from
Heathers the Musical. Sidebar
art was made by kreugan.tumblr


S  A D

Y  O  U                                                                                                                                            A  R  E
                                                         T R U L Y
          A                         L                      O                       N                   E


     ”What’s your damage?!”

          The words leave her out of instinct,
          mostly because no one would ever
          D               A               R               E
          bump into her like that unless they
          were a Heather, however, the one
          who bumped into her was  n o t  a
          A  hand  quickly  finds  the back of
          her neck and an awkward chuckle
          falls out of her mouth.

     ”Sorry, I thought you were
      someone                   else…”

movie night || pxrfecto

     By the time JD had walked through the front door of the apartment,
     Veronica had already flipped through around one thousand channels,
     and her eyes were lazily closing, though she was still flipping through,
     but, when the door opened, her eyes shot open. “JD?” she calls groggily,
     sitting up from the lying position she had taken on the couch almost
     two hours ago. 
     ”JD!” She shouts, calling and repeating his name over and over again,
     waiting for him to shout back or at least respond. “JD!” She whines,
     dragging out both syllables of his name.

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