му тєєη αηgѕт вυℓℓѕнιт
нαѕ α вσ∂у ¢συηт

they were just seventeen, they still had room to grow, they could have turned out good, and now we'll never know...     
{indie Veronica Sawyer from
Heathers the Musical. Sidebar
art was made by kreugan.tumblr

Monsters are real,
and ghosts are real too.
They live inside us
and sometimes,

                                they  w i n.

                                                i just wanted you
                                                to                    be
                                                P   R   O    U    D
                                                of                   me

     Here in the darkness I know myself


               I нαve leαrɴed тнαт
                                                   cαɴ вe weapons тoo


               Here we are, don’t turn away now.
                               we are the warriors that built this town.
from dust.

guess who’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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